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Since 2014, the SPOTTERON Citizen Science Platform has been providing Citizen Science Apps and Services for science projects and research teams with a strong focus on design, technical professionality, reliability, and user interaction. Trusted by universities, institutions, and stakeholders across Europe and beyond, we are creating custom digital solutions for science and Citizen Science Applications along with Project Websites and advanced tools for Data Analysis and Data Visualization. Our long-term experience in design, media, and web technologies comes together with our focus on innovation for science communication and interactive Citizen Science apps.

SPOTTERON as a partner in Horizon Europe and other research grants
As an SME, we are happy to offer our know-how and services within research projects, applying for Horizon Europe grants. We already bring the experience of how Horizon project partnerships are operating with us, and we contribute actively to a proposal from its early stages.

Our central part in the proposal stage of a Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe or other projects is to shape how a Citizen Science App integrates seamlessly into the research and creates innovation together with the coordinator and the consortium. With years of experience in Citizen and Community Science and the development and maintenance of digital tools and the underlying infrastructure, we bring this know-how to a consortium and strengthen the proposal with a practical approach on how applications and software can benefit the project. Our strong focus on digital ethics and user privacy further help the proposal with undertaking the complex topics of data protection, GDPR, and intellectual property rights in a digital environment.

More about our project participation here: https://www.spotteron.net/about/citizen-science-in-horizon-europe-partnerships

Open Science, Open Data
Every project can apply its preferred form of licensing to all related non-personal data - as a platform, we do not interfere with the data aspect and do not claim any ownership of data. We support Open Science and Open Data policies and have procedures to release anonymized data sets to the public.

By Citizen Scientists for Citizen Science
As Citizen Scientists ourselves, we bring this perspective to projects. All Citizen Science Apps running on the SPOTTERON platform set a focus on participation and user interaction with each App, including a social community and innovative communication tools. We also run a user-centred participatory website with app downloads, manuals, a community forum for help and feedback, and more.


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