Upcoming events related to citizen science

WeObserve Open Data Challenge

Ongoing until July, May 15, 2020
Dive into the EU’s richest citizen science environmental data with the WeObserve Open Data Challenge For the first time citizens, communities, academics and technologists from all over the world will have access to some of the EU’s richest citizen generated environmental data, spanning the H2020 Citizen Observatory projects GROW Observatory, Groundtruth 2.0, Landsense and Scent. Citizen Observatories are a series of projects where people across the world come together to monitor how their local areas and the planet are changing. The projects have engaged with tens of thousands of “citizen scientists” who assisted in gathering data at unprecedented scale for themes such as air and water quality, wildlife, land cover and soil. The Open Data Challenge (ODC) is a competitive online event and tender for participating individuals/teams to innovate using open environmental data from Citizen Observatories.

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Opening up science through public engagement - Webinar

ONLINE 14:00 - 17:00, Jun 05, 2020
Pubic engagement practices generally have shifted towards more democratic ‘dialogue models’ of engagement. What do public engagement practices contribute to wider societal goals, such as scientific literacy, new research perspectives and societal relevance? The speakers investigate institutional, regulatory and cultural barriers and (technological) opportunities for public engagement practices to truly benefit public values. They focus on citizen science practices (part 1), and on addressing institutional barriers (part 2). Each part will be concluded by a panel discussion with policy makers.

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GEO Indigenous COVID-19 Hackathon 2020

ONLINE, Jun 05, 2020
Take action on COVID-19 and indigenous empowerment using Earth observations and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) from 5-7 June 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic is already posing a grave threat to communities around the world. Indigenous Peoples’ livelihoods, health and wellbeing is threatened as many communities face challenges related to access to health services, information, and food insecurity as remote communities often depend on outside supplies for sustenance. Digital inclusion has never been more urgent and necessary, as many of these challenges can be tackled using Earth observations, space assets and ICTs. GEO is announcing the GEO Indigenous COVID-19 Hackathon 2020: Join Indigenous communities in this crowdsourcing challenge to co-design their own, culturally appropriate, ICT solutions to tackle COVID-19 - virtually from home!

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INSPIRE Conference - final event

Dubrovnik, Jun 11, 2020
The INSPIRE Hackathon 2020 is in line with the motto of the INSPIRE Conference – “Bringing sustainability and digitalisation together”. The goal of the hackathon is to promote collaboration and sharing of experience in the domain of spatial data/services and citizen-science while showcasing their utilisation and uptake to different application domains and themes. This includes supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

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ECSA Conference 2020

ONLINE, Sep 06, 2020
The conference will be held online from 6-10 September 2020, with the planned sessions spread from Monday to Thursday. On Sunday the 6th, COVID-19 permitting, we will have some citizen science activities either online or through various local gatherings if allowed. While meeting in person brings huge benefits, we hope to capitalise on the opportunities an online conference will bring. These include a chance for even more people to be involved, including those from outside of Europe. It is also a chance to explore and test ways of interacting effectively online, which is likely to become an increasing part of how we live and work. We will work to ensure that the social elements of the conference are kept, as far as possible. And of course an online event means that the environment will benefit as well, as a lot of CO2 emissions will be saved.

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Australia, Oct 06, 2020
The Australian Citizen Science Association invites you to join us on the Gold Coast from October 6-9, 2020 as we bring together citizen science practitioners, participants, thought leaders and decision makers for the third Australian Citizen Science Conference #CitSciOz20.

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Conference: A citizen science decade (2020-2030) in support to the Sustainable Development Goals

Museum für Naturkunde, Oct 14, 2020
The Museum für Naturkunde and partners will host a conference to showcase, evaluate and discuss the contribution of citizen science to framing and achieving the SDGs.

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Phoenix, AZ, May 25, 2021
The 3rd biennial conference of the Citizen Science Association will be held in conjunction with Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society in Phoenix, AZ, in May 2021.

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