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I-CHANGE is an Innovation Action project which has started in November 2021 and is running for 3,5 years.

The overall concept of I-CHANGE is based on the idea that citizens and the civil society have a central role in the definition of environmental protection and climate action and that their direct involvement is essential to drive a true shift and promotion of behavioural changes towards more sustainable patterns.


I-CHANGE raises awareness on climate change issues through actively engaging citizens in the scientific and socio-economical discourse within interactive Living Labs which will be created in eight cities across Europe, Israel and Burkina Faso. Through co-designed and personalised tools such as new apps and friendly, yet reliable devices, citizens will learn about climate change and environmental hazards science and understand how their own behaviour can affect climate change as well as how they can reduce their carbon and environmental footprint through changes in their everyday life. In addition, the project will create a powerful information hub for the collected data, providing a quality check, sharing, pre-processing, discovery and access capabilities to Living Labs.

I-CHANGE operates in 8 Living Labs, to address social innovation while utilising new technologies.​ I-CHANGE Living Labs have a specific focus on the citizens, however using the multi-stakeholder inclusion creates sustainable results from which all involved actors can benefit. Quadruple helix engagement is a central factor in the I-CHANGE Living Labs. It brings together stakeholders from all sectors; citizens, city level public institutions, private organisations (companies, Start-ups, SMEs, corporations), as well as academia (researchers, universities, research organisations).

Throughout a participatory approach, citizens will be equipped with practical tools and sensors, as well as knowledge and know-how practices and solutions to reduce their own personal carbon and environmental footprint and to support climate adaptation and mitigation, triggering individual and social innovation.

About funding

Funding bodies: European Commission

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