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Jun 24, 2024

SDG Summer School 2024 - Prototype Open Source solutions related to Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games

Initiated seven years ago, the SDG Summer School offers students a framework for engagement and training in sustainability issues through the prototyping of solutions to concrete problems. For several years, this training program has been carried out in partnership with the University of Geneva This immersion program supported by the Institute of Challenges, co-founded by the Learning Planet Institute and …

European Citizen Science European Citizen Science Association (ECSA)

Upcoming events

Nov 12, 2024

Brussel, Brussel-Hoofdstad, Brussel Hoofdstad, …

OpenLab Conference

From November 12 to 15, OpenLab.brussels* is organizing a CONFERENCE that aims to bring together contributions from researchers and practitioners interested in participatory research projects. We welcome people willing to contribute by presenting a paper, sharing experiences and ideas through a clear presentation (with or without a paper), discussion tables, or on-site visits. Selected contributions will be reviewed and published …

Dec 02, 2024
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Bridging Sustainability and Accessibility in the Green Transition: Future Transformations in the Digital World

Now in its third edition, the Green Digital Accessibility conference focuses on the urgent challenge of building a sustainable and inclusive digital future for all, exploring innovative research and real-world practices across technology, communication, environmental science, and education. This conference serves as an important meeting point for researchers, industry leaders, policymakers, educators, activists, and anyone interested in accessibility and sustainability …

ACCTING European Science Foundation

Past events

May 30, 2023 10:00 Europe/Brussels

Monitoring and Evaluating the impact of Citizen Science Hubs

The webinar is a combined effort of the INCENTIVE and the TIME4CS projects. During the webinar, participants will have the opportunity to dive into aspects of monitoring and evaluating the impact of Citizen Science Hubs, including (i) a step-by-step approach to how to create an M&E framework to assess the impact of the Hubs; (ii) an evaluation approach to monitor …

May 26, 2023 15:00 Europe/Brussels

Citizen science in the dialogue between science and society

The WomenWaterWatch project will hold a webinar with Simona Cerrato, communication and community manager at ECSA and the European Citizen Science project. CONCEPT: Citizen science has the potential to bring together science, policy makers, and society as a whole in an impactful way. In this process, communication is key. But what do we mean by “communication”? In this webinar we …

May 25, 2023 14:00 Europe/Brussels

Online via Zomm - …

UNICA-EUTOPIA TRAIN Webinar: How European University Alliances can support citizen science

Since January 2021, the EUTOPIA European University Alliance has been supporting citizen science through means of the EUTOPIA TRAIN project (H2020 SwafS). With this project nearing its ending, we’re looking back on the ways the alliance has allowed citizen science support and initiatives to grow and flourish. In this webinar, EUTOPIA is joining forces with UNICA to bring you both …

May 22, 2023
Arizona State University campus

2023 Citizen Science Association conference

The 2023 Citizen Science Association conference, C*Sci 2023, will be held from May 22-26 on the Arizona State University campus in Tempe, Arizona (Phoenix metro area). This event convenes conversations across disciplines, roles, and perspectives. Together, we seek and share the traditional and innovative practices that lead to powerful partnerships for discovery, learning, and action. The conference will be interdisciplinary …

May 16, 2023

Hörsaal des DZNE, Venusberg-Campus …

BOUNCE Bonn University Citizen Science Covid-19 Symposium 2023

In response to the pandemic, BOUNCE (Bonn University Citizen Science) conducted a Covid-19 project in 2022 that brought together the fields of medicine and public health research and citizen science. The project will culminate in a 2-day symposium at Bonn University Hospital from 16-17 May 2023 in cooperation with the NeuroCOV Project of the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). …

May 16, 2023 10:30 Europe/Brussels

Citizen Science: New ways to engage people for more liveable cities [CitiMeasure Final Event]

Join us to celebrate the completion of the CitiMeasure project! For the past two years, our mission has been to engage citizen science practitioners in developing tools and instruments for more liveable cities. In doing so, we launched the first online inventory of participatory air quality initiatives in Europe; we developed guidelines on behaviour and policy change in citizen science; …

May 16, 2023 14:30 Europe/Brussels

Ethical and legal aspects of Citizen Science

This webinar will provide participants with a specific Citizen Science case study, which implies different levels of ethical and legal challenges, including GDPR compliance and various ethics dimension (i.e. research integrity, gender perspective, open access, public engagement, etc.). The moderators will take care of presenting the case study as a whole, highlighting the most sensitive aspects of its implementation to …

May 05, 2023 09:00 Europe/Brussels

Citizen Science in the North

This event addresses the emerging form of co-creation between researchers and communities known as citizen science. As a compelling form of engagement and inclusivity for societal change, citizen science has emerged as a powerful tool for engaging communities in scientific research, yet its potential in the Arctic region has yet to be fully explored. This one-day workshop will showcase existing …

May 04, 2023 15:00 Europe/Brussels

Launch of the CitiMeasure Behaviour & Policy and Digital Inclusion e-guidelines

The CitiMeasure team invites you to join the online webinar where the CitiMeasure Behaviour & Policy and Digital Inclusion guidelines will be launched! These guidelines include recommendations for cities and the citizen community. They result from almost two years of co-creation with more than 40 volunteers from different European organisations and cities. Μore information and the link for registration is …

May 03, 2023 09:00 Europe/Brussels
Eurac Research

European Science Engagement Conference 2023

On the 3rd and 4th of May 2023 the European Science Engagement Conference 2023 will take place in the Tyrolean city of Bolzano in Italy. Get ready for a swirling programme with exciting keynotes, mind-opening workshops and challenging debates. #EUSEA23 will be held at Eurac Research Headquarters in partnership with EUSEA and the team from Eurac Research Communication. Have a …

Apr 28, 2023

City Nature Challenge 2023

Started in 2016 as a competition between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the City Nature Challenge (CNC) has grown into an international event, motivating people around the world to find and document wildlife in their own cities. Run by the Community Science teams at the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM), the …

Apr 27, 2023 14:30 Europe/Brussels

Citizen science in the dialogue between science and society

Citizen science has the potential to bring together science, policy makers, and society as a whole in an impactful way. In this process, communication is key. But what do we mean by “communication”? In this webinar we will explore how dialogical and participatory communication, where all parties are actively involved, is strategic both for research and for society. We will …

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