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University of Tartu Natural History Museum
Estonia Academic

University of Tartu Natural History Museum affiliates zoological, geological, botanical and mycological collections. We collect and preserve specimens of plant, fungus and animal …

Centre for Cartography of Fauna and Flora
Slovenia Non-governmental

Center za kartografijo favne in flore (CKFF) is a non-profit institute founded in 1996. The main aim of the CKFF is to collect, organize and disseminate data and information abou…

United Kingdom Non-governmental

Earthwatch is one of the largest global backers of citizen-science--supported environmental research. For over forty years, Earthwatch has delivered a unique citizen-science model…

Citizen Science Global Partnership (CSGP)
Austria Non-governmental

The Global Citizen Science Partnership is a network-of-networks that seeks to promote and advance citizen science for a sustainable world. Launched in December 2017 at the UN Scie…

Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia
Latvia Academic

Institute of the Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia (ILFA) is one of the leading research institutions in Latvia that is focusing on the study of histor…

University of Rome Tor Vergata - Department of Biology
Italy Academic

Established in 1982, the University of Rome Tor Vergata is located in a 600-hectare campus in theSouth-east of Rome. Tor Vergata currently offers 106 graduate programmes (Bachelor…

Department of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Luxembourg
Luxembourg Academic

How do urban spaces develop and how can architecture and spatial planning steer this process in order to make our cities liveable and sustainable? How does location, access to gre…

Department of Veterinary Medicine - University of Sassari
Italy Academic

The Dept. of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Sassari (Italy) is an academic institution dealing with research and teaching activities in the field of animal science and a…

Landscape Biodiversity Group, University of Tartu
Estonia Academic

Landscape biodiversity workgroup studies ecosystem functioning and restoration of degraded ecosystems. Our research focuses on different ecosystems from semi-natural grasslands to…

GEOlab (Geomatics and Earth Observation laboratory)
Italy Academic

GEOlab is a multidisciplinary research laboratory, active at Politenico di Milano, whose focus is on the collection, modelling, analysis and representation of Earth observations. …

United States of America Consortium

SciStarter is a globally acclaimed, online citizen science hub where more than 3,000 projects, events, and tools — searchable by location, topic, age level, etc — have been regist…

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