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Jun 08, 2024 12:00 Europe/Tallinn

Nature Observation Marathon

Nature observation marathon invites naturalists to explore the biodiversity in their favorite area. The maraton is following format of BioBlitz, an international species recording scheme. In BioBlitz volunteers and researchers will identify as many species of animals, plants and fungi as possible in a given place in a given period of time. BioBlitz usually lasts 24 hours to observe the …

University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden

What is

Citizen Science

Citizen science is any activity that involves the public in scientific research and thus has the potential to bring together science, policy makers, and society as a whole in an impactful way. Through citizen science, all people can participate in many stages of the scientific process, from the design of the research question, to data collection and volunteer mapping, data interpretation and analysis, and to publication and dissemination of results. Citizen science is also an approach of scientific work that may be used as a part of a broader scientific activity.

Learn more about it with the ECSA 10 Principles of Citizen Science and the ECSA Characteristics of Citizen Science!

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