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Citizen Science and Scientific Crowdsourcing: an Introduction

English Interactive Resource (Website) Co-creation Reflections on science ... General Introduction

Formal university course on a variety of different citizen science topics from theory to practice of citizen science: requires registration.

Forest Service Citizen Science Resource List

English Collection Co-creation Best practices ... Environmental Monitoring Crowdsourcing ...

Collection of resources including webinars, guides and links to other projects

Project Based Learning, Participatory Science, Education and Sustainable Development Goals

English Event Best practices Project management ... Education Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ...

3 days of practical workshops in Project Based Learning Applied to Participatory Research dedicated to the success of Education and the Resolution of Sustainable Development Goals.

This training is …

MOOC "Have you seen an alien?"

English Interactive Resource (Website) Data quality and standards Introduction to CS ... Biodiversity Educators ...

The European Alien Species Information Network (EASIN) Citizen Science activities aim at bringing together people, scientists and policy makers in an effort to monitor and control invasive alien species (IAS) …

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