MammalNet: Watch Wildlife for Science


MammalNet is a partnership between different scientific and academic institutions in Europe and local science fans, working together on wildlife research, management, and conservation.

With your help, together we can monitor wild mammals across Europe, which will give us a better understanding of how to make informed decisions taking into account the management and conservation of mammals.

We promote different modern Information Technology (IT) such as web-platforms, tablets, smartphones, camera trails and other devices to improve the knowledge and science based management and conservation of wildlife, but also connecting people to science and nature

In a first phase of the project it has focused on countries such as Croatia, Germany, Poland, Spain, but projects and partners are already being incorporated in new countries; such as Italy, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal or the Balkan countries and others...


  •     To engage citizen scientists in collecting data on geographic distribution and abundance of mammals in Europe using modern Information Technology (IT) systems, such as web-platform, tablets, smartphones or other devices.
  •     To implement and promote metadata standards to support data sharing among CS projects on wild animal monitoring and data interoperability with open repositories, as GBIF, taking into account existing standards.
  •     To propose and implement a method to assess the quality of data collected by citizen scientists on geographic distribution and abundance of wild boar populations and to compare them with professionally collected data
  •     To assess the feasibility of applying CS in monitoring wild animals at European scale, and to provide insight on potential limitations, advantages and added values, and best practices fostering data quality and participation.


Needed equipment

  • To participate as an observer you will need a smartphone and internet access to be able to collect and share your records

  • You will need a computer and an internet connection to collaborate by spotting the images

  • As a photographic trapper, you will need to have or borrow a camera trap to collect videos or images

  • A good pair of boots to enjoy nature

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Updated Nov. 9, 2021, 9:35 a.m.

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