Fundación Descubre

Fundación Descubre is a private non-profit organization established under the Andalusian Science and Knowledge Law and the provisions of the Andalusian Plan for Research, Development and Innovation. It was funded by the Regional Government of Andalusia and has more than twenty research and science dissemination institutions of great academic prestige as board members. Descubre was established on February 2010 in Granada with the aim of bringing science and innovation closer to the Andalusian society. In this regard, the foundation is responsible for continuing with the project initiated with the establishment of the Scientific and Technical Dissemination Network of Andalusia in 2007.

Fundación Descubre intends to raise citizens’ awareness of the amazing world they live in, to enable them to understand everything science has been able to explain and to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. Nowadays knowledge is considered not only to be of vital importance but also a major source of entertain­ment. It is because of all this that Descubre organises, supports and encourages initiatives whose objectives build bridges between science and society.

Fundación Descubre shares its interests with over twenty institutions of great academic prestige which are geographically dispersed throughout Andalusia: the Andalusian Association of Promoters and Producers of Renewable Energy-CLANER; the Andalusian Public Universities Association (AUPA); the City Council of Málaga; the City Council of Motril; the German-Spanish Astronomical Centre at Calar Alto; the Department of Economy and Knowledge of the Regional Government of Andalusia; the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC); the Principia Science Centre; the Science Park of Granada; the Free Software Research and Development Foundation; the Andalusian Olive Grove and Olive Oil Promotion and Development Foundation; the Andalusian Institute of Agrarian Research and Training, Fisheries, Food and Organic Production (IFAPA); the Andalusian Academies Institute; the Regional Institute of Environmental Management of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Córdoba; the Granada Science & Technology Park; the GEOLIT Science & Technology Park; the Dune Park Society Ltd.; the Andalusian Technology Park; the Solar Platform of Almería (CIEMAT); the Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Navy; the Andalusian Society for the Popularisation of Science and the Andalusian Historical Heritage Institute. Apart from those institutions, Descubre has also reached solid agreements with more than 50 city halls, teachers’ associations and other entities.



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