Data Quality Resource Compendium by the CSA Data and Metadata Working Group

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he QA/QC Project team of the CSA Metadata Working Group has compiled a compendium of guidance documents, manuals, and workbooks produced for citizen science. The resulting spreadsheet is a treasure-trove of resources for monitoring program coordinators, project leads, and volunteer trainers. Each entry provides a link to the resource, information about the authors and intended audience, and which aspects of the data management cycle are addressed. The compendium is the first step in a project to identify gaps and needs for additional resources to support citizen science programs. The Data Quality Resources for Citizen and Community Science table is intended to be a living library. Collated and described by a group of volunteers, it’s current form is a starting point and represents the resources we were able to identify at the time of its creation. We note that there are gaps in coverage representing some science areas, geographic/political contexts, and stages of the data lifecycle.




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License: CC-BY
Audience: ALL Audiences
Publisher: The Citizen Science Association
Year of publication: 2020
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