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The ACCTING project explores the impact of Green Deal policy initiatives on individual and collective behaviours, provide evidence, and empower policymakers and stakeholders to anticipate policy responses and potential negative influences, and mitigate such impacts in decision-making. ACCTING will collect new data on Green Deal policy interventions and co-design and implement pilot actions to reduce or prevent policy-related inequalities. This report provides information on inspiring practice cases of bottom-up initiatives across the 34 countries that have been mapped within the ACCTING EU project. The report examines the types and characteristics of the initiatives mapped.

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Authors: Antonio Carnevale (NTNU); Giuseppe Pellegrini Masini (NTNU); Christian A. Klöckner (NTNU); Ayşe Gül Altınay (SU); Esin Düzel (SU); Burcu Borhan Türeli (SU); Aart Kerremans (YW); Alain Denis (YW)Marina Cacace (K&I);
Year of publication: 2023
License: creative commons
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7711880

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