MORFEN-CS (Motivational and ORganisational Functions of voluntary ENgagement in Citizen Science); validated scale system

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A new questionnaire MORFEN-CS (Motivational and ORganisational Functions of voluntary ENgagement in Citizen Science) is presented. Based on findings from the well explored volunteerism in the context of social and charitable engagement, it was postulated that the commitment to natural science projects fulfills not only one function, but simultaneously several functions for the individual. The new questionnaire was based on the theoretical Model of Influences on Participation in Citizen Science (Penner, 2002) and utilised in parts the Volunteer Functions Inventory (VFI; Clary, Snyder, Ridge et al., 1998) and the Scales of the Attitude Structure of Volunteers (SEEH, Bierhoff, Schülken & Hoof, 2007).

MORFEN-CS includes eight motivational functions (four prosocial functions, i.e. nature conservation values, socio-political responsibility, citizen science, social motives, and four self-serving functions, i.e. training, recognition, work-life balance, career) as well as four organisational functions (i.e. project organisation, project coordination, communication, and qualification). The multifactorial structure of MORFEN-CS was confirmed by confirmatory factor analyses.

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Publisher:Nicola Moczek
Year of publication: 2019
License: CC-BY

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