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Observation.org is a practical and useful, free platform for all field observers around the world to record and share their plant and animal sightings. This platform includes the site Observation.org with many regional aliasses and apps for mobile devices: ObsMapp (Android) and iObs (iOS).

Volunteers worldwide carry out massive amounts of field observations. When this information is collected and shared forms a powerful tool for conservation, research, policy, education and experience. Observation International focuses specifically on observers who attach importance to registering their observations in a politically independent manner. Observation International is a nonprofit organization without lucrative purpose.

The main objective of Observation International is the optimum facilitation of observers in order to make their nature experience even more valuable. As a foundation, Observation International wishes to involve as many local communities as possible in its activities. Doing so, we respect the rights and achievements of these communities, observers and researchers.

Our commitment to you:

The Foundation Observation International guarantees its users that the data entrusted to it:

• can be publicly consulted, unless decided otherwise by the observer, and taking into account the interests of biodiversity and nature protection (obscuration of certain data)

• while in legal review are under the ownership of the Foundation, the observer retains control over her or his entrusted observations

• are available for research, policy and study unless the observer has made a reservation

• are not interpreted or adapted to serve private or governmental interests

• can be consulted free of charge.

From us to you:

With Observation.org we strive to:

• offer the registration of all species groups

• have species lists for all regions worldwide

• manage and guarantee a real-time system

• implement species names in accordance with international standards

• cooperate with local communities as much as possible, working in accordance with their wishes in regional pages

• make available tools to add evidence, such as photos, movies, sounds, or descriptions

• generate data of the highest possible quality, using automated and / or manual validation.


To share observation data of global biodiversity , as a source of knowledge for the future. To facilitate observers worldwide through a multilingual, global observation platform, with a species register for all extant speciesand species groups in the natural environment , flora and fauna wide, and through that platform to share a dataset of validated field data with anyone anywhere in the world.

Needed equipment

Curiosity and passion for nature.

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