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The survey is being conducted by IST Austria, and collected data will be analyzed—of course anonymously!—as part of our PhD program. Regular survey participants will receive their personal diary in the form of graphs and charts. The aggregated data will be used by IST Austria within its Science Communication & Education program in school workshops around the topic of big data analysis, in public lectures and will be shared with the interested public through innovative formats of science communication and education. he world is currently fighting a pandemic that is changing our daily lives significantly. The ultimate goal is to slow down virus transmission. This can primarily be achieved through behavioral changes and social distancing. Or even better: distant socializing with the help of digital media. In addition to the slowing effect the sudden change in behavior has on the spread of the disease, it also affects our professional and personal networks. By means of a survey-based collective diary project called CoKoNet (Corona Contact Network), IST Austria intends to investigate to which extent we are able to, want to or have to substitute various areas of our coexistence with digital contacts, and how this behavioral change will modify our networks beyond the acute crisis. The project was developed by a team of scientists from IST Austria, including evolutionary biologists, data and computer scientists. With support from the general public, the change in our social interactions over time and across all ages (14+) will be documented in an ongoing digital diary. The aggregated and anonymized data will be evaluated as part of the PhD education at IST Austria and subsequently presented to the public in the frame of the IST Austria Science Communication and Education program.


The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) is initiating an interdisciplinary Citizen Science project to collate and analyze data on social interactions during the Corona crisis. CoKoNet is an initiative of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) located in Klosterneuburg, Austria, with the aim of generating a “collective diary” about how our social behavior is changing in response to the Corona crisis. Throughout this citizen science project, we will collect data in a compact and anonymous online survey. The analyzed data shall help us understand the impact of the restrictions in the wake of the Corona crisis on our personal behavior as well as on our communal social interaction network.

How to participate

To contribute, please fill in the regular “Diary survey” (time requirement: ca. 4-5 min). Ideally, you should fill in this survey every third or fourth day, or at least once a week. To do so, you can use the same link you received in the first invitation to the “Diary survey”. A weekly e-mail reminder will help you to remember following up on your diary entries.

Needed equipment

web-enabled terminal

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