List of deceased animals

Created Jan. 5, 2024, 1:03 p.m.
Updated Jan. 5, 2024, 1:11 p.m.

The topic revolves around the use of the iNaturalist mobile application for documenting observations of deceased animals across various species, with a particular emphasis on tracking sightings of deer.


The aim of the project is to gather data on roadkill observations in Slovenia. Gathered data will be analysed in depth to indicate areas, where most of the roadkills occur. With focus on the northern white-breasted hedgehog in the urban areas, the data will allow us to better understand the importance sufficient green areas in size and distrivution in cities. Conservation measures will be propesed to the managing authoritiy bodies.

The data will also fit the knowledge gaps on distribution of otherwise species considered widespread, or species of unknown range distribution. The aim of the project is to get citizens involved in general observation of nature, and raise awareness of the impact road traffic has on the ecosystems.

How to participate

You can participate by submitting your findings using the iNaturalist open-source mobile application. First, download and register on the app on your phone. Then, in the app's "Projects" section, join the "List of deceased animals - Dinaricum" project. When making an observation, ensure your phone's GPS is active and upload the species details, ideally with a photo. If you come across a carcass, add your finding to the "Carcass List - Dinaricum" project. Note that this specific list is exclusively for recording animals that have been hit by vehicles. For other organisms, like a live hedgehog, simply record them in the app without adding them to this project. All data collected will be stored in the iNaturalist database.

Needed equipment

There is no required equipment, besides smart phone.

About funding

Funding bodies: The project is currently self funded.

Active from 01/01/2023
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Društvo Dinaricum

Anywhere on the roads where vehicles pass - highways, house yards, white roads etc.

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