The Coordination Centre for Amphibians (CCA) in Slovenia

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The Coordination Centre for Amphibians in Slovenia (CCA) has long been a cherished idea within Centre for Cartography of fauna and Flora (CKFF). After gaining extensive experience over the last 20 years in amphibian conservation, collaborating with various societies and volunteers, and undertaking activities similar to those of related institutions in Europe, we realized that a hub for such information would be highly beneficial. The successful application of the European project LIFE AMPHICON (LIFE18 NAT/SI/000711 AMPHIbian CONservation and habitat restoration) provided the initial financial support to kickstart activities from 2019 to 2026.

CCA is “one-stop-shop” for amphibian conservation in Slovenia. The aim is to open more exciting opportunities for networking and capacity building in the field of amphibian conservation, which will result in a general improvement of amphibian populations in Slovenia. The main objective of CCA is to provide information and promote best practice for the conservation of the amphibians, their habitats, migratory routes and road ecology. Through CCA, we want to stimulate the implementation of various measures to minimise the negative impacts of human activities, agriculture and transport systems on herpetofauna and their habitats. Roads often intersect amphibian migratory pathways and on some problematic road sections, we can detect roadkill hotspots.


The identification of the initial state of amphibian populations and threatening factors is crucial information for deciding on measures for amphibians in a given area. Therefore, it is important to clearly define the conservation goals, implementation methods, and monitoring effectiveness while planning such measures. This approach can ensure the long-term survival of endangered populations. CKFF maintains data on Slovenian amphibians, which serves also as a significant source of information on amphibian migration routes. Annual data collection on problematic sections of local and state roads and amphibian habitats is essential for planning and implementing sustainable measures for amphibian conservation.

Through CCA we aim to further expand already established connections and integrate various organizations, societies, volunteers, and individuals into a national network contributing to amphibian conservation in Slovenia.

How to participate

You are cordially invited to participate in a project aiming to collect data that focuses on amphibians and their habitats in Slovenia. The project comprises various activities such as observing amphibians in aquatic or terrestrial habitats, identifying living or road-killed amphibians, sharing the results of Frog patrols, and pinpointing the locations of Amphibian habitats such as ponds and puddles.

The project is open to anyone who is interested in contributing to a better understanding of the distribution of amphibian species and their habitats in Slovenia. In 2020, we initiated a new project on the user interface BioPortal (, named the Coordination Centre for Amphibians in Slovenia to facilitate the submission of your field observations related to amphibians or to view all observations collected so far.

We would like to inform you that any photos collected will be published publicly in low resolution, with the name of the photo's author. We assure you that the photos will not be used or shared with third parties without your consent.

Needed equipment

Citizen scientist require access to either a computer, smart phone or tablet with an internet connection and a digital camera (phone). They also need to create an account on the in order to enter their sightings.

About funding

Funding bodies: European Commission

Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning of Slovenia

own contribution

Active from 01/01/2020
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