Scientific-Based Exposure and Risk Assessment of Radiofrequency and mm-Wave Systems from children to elderly (5G and Beyond) (SEAWave)


from 19/01/2024 until 01/10/2024

SEAWave is Horizon 2020 (European Union) and SERI (Switzerland) funded project on exposures to 5G electromagnetic fields (EMF) and potential health risks. One of the aims of the project is risk communication where a digital game (serious game) will be developed combining learning objectives with gameplay and therefore having a primary purpose beyond entertainment. The game aims to enhances citizens scientific literacy and knowledge in the topic 5G, EMF and health.

Leading university is the IU Internationale Hochschule, based in Germany, in cooperation with:

  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • French National Frequency Agency, France
  • Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society, Switzerland
  • German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Germany
  • Greek Atomic Energy Commission, Greece
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer, France


During the course of game development, we plan to organize a citizen advisory board that will consist of 6 to 8 volunteers. Their role will be to advise the researchers in the game development, to make key contributions to the content and functionality of the game, to play pilot versions of the game and bring in their own ideas about the game. Members of citizen advisory board will take part in monthly virtual meetings for six months and they will take part in a face-to-face workshop (Munich, Germany: January 19 and 20, 2024). The trip to Germany and their stay will be paid from the project. We give option that members of citizen advisory board stay in contact with us even for a longer period during the testing and implementation phase. Potential participants do not need any prior knowledge of 5G mobile technology or science communications and they should be adults (+18 years old) from different European countries with knowledge of English language.

For more information regarding citizen advisory board recruitment process, please visit SEAWave project website:

Needed equipment

During the workshop the computers with internet access will be available for the members of the advisory board. Later, during implementation phase, members of the council should have computers and internet connection at home. 

About funding

Funding bodies: European Commission

SERI (Switzerland)

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