AHSRadon Hunt


from 06/11/2023 until 31/05/2024

AHSRadon Hunt is one of the seven funded RadoNorm citizen science projects which is conducted in Poland. 


The main objective of the AHSRadon Hunt is to assess the need to reduce radon concentration levels in Warsaw city and the Silesia region in Poland by conducting indoor radon concentration in school buildings, houses, underground mines and tourist routes as well as comparing radon in tap water in different regions with radon in radon water sold for drinking in spa resorts. The project seeks to improve science curriculum in high schools to include radon education as this is virtually non-existent. To achieve these objectives, the project will directly engage 15 Akademeia High school (AHS) students as citizen scientists to:

  • conduct measurements including in students’ homes and those of peers, as part of a school extracurricular project (i.e. personal development scheme);
  • invite people from the local communities to measure (passive, via CR39);
  • record the trainings, initial measurements, final field work, and data analysis for the purpose of sharing knowledge with other teenagers;
  • use social media to share the project’s activities and experiences with peers including iGCSE/A-level Physics students around the world. The students will become agents of change, showing also that science is a process, not a ready-made product.

Needed equipment

Passive detectors, via CR39

About funding

Funding bodies: European Commission



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