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Created Oct. 25, 2023, 11:45 a.m.
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The aim of “Every Walk You Take” (EWYT) is to empower the local inhabitants of Barcelona to experience an active and healthy aging process. A uHealth platform with personalized healthy routes according to the user geo-localization, preferences and with real-time information on air quality and climate, will be co-created and tested in a pilot study in a project managed by a stakeholder community. In addition, the platform will integrate information collected by citizen scientists on barriers and facilitators for an active living. The proposed comprehensive approach is a step forward in social well-being. If health care is recognized as a universal right, EWYT offers an innovative way to give individuals scientifically proven tools that facilitate the healthy aging and the prevention of non- communicable diseases, the main causes of death in the European Union and worldwide.


The first aim is to co-design and prototype the EWYT uHealth platform for active living surveillance to promote a healthy aging in the context of the Smart City. 
The second objective is to evaluate the feasibility and usability of the EWYT uHealth platform in a pilot study and to identify the city barriers and facilitators for an active living and a healthy aging process through the collection of pictures and audio records.

How to participate

There is an open-call to anybody who would like to volunteer to be part of this project. However, in the event that there are limited volunteers and  small sample size, we also recruited citizen scientists from the life-long learning centres in Barcelona from 2 distinct neighbourhoods (Trinitat Vella and Bon Pastor.)

Needed equipment

The equipment that will be needed for citizen scientists in the project is a smartphone (so that they can download the application) and they will need a stable connection to the Internet to access the functionalities of the application.

About funding

Funding bodies: European Comission

Completed from 01/06/2023 until 15/12/2023
Lifestyle Ageing Public Health Citizen Science
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Biogeography Climate & Weather Nature & outdoors Science policy
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Two neighbourhoods in Barcelona

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