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Murals, striking works of art painted directly on walls, have the potential to  inspire, educate, and illuminate crucial issues including  human -  environment relationships. This idea is the basis of the project “From Sea to Street”, a citizen science initiative that collects ocean-themed murals across Europe and investigates which emotions they evoke in the viewer. The project is implemented as a collaboration between the University of Santiago de Compostela, the Latvian Academy of Culture and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The interdisciplinary team of young scientists sees murals as having the potential to bridge the gap between urban populations and the coastal and marine environment and strengthen people's connection to the ocean and the sea.


The initiative “From Sea to Street” addresses critical challenges such as pollution, climate change and the loss of important marine resources and traditional fishing practices. The goal of the project is to better understand and strengthen people’s relationship with the ocean and the seas through street art. We encourage everybody to submit images of murals with ocean and marine themes from all over Europe and share their perception of these murals.

How to participate

Citizens can submit their photos of ocean or sea-related murals taken in their city or on a trip. The project gives citizens the opportunity to think about the ocean, their surroundings and art, and to actively contribute to a growing map of murals. In particular, it is not just the photos of the murals themselves that the citizens scientists share, but the uniqueness lies in the narratives that they provide with a particular focus on how each mural made the person feel and which message was received while viewing.  If you don't know any sea or ocean-themed murals, you can still contribute to the project and take part in our "Street Art and Marine Ecosystems" survey, where there will be a chance to discover some of the artworks. 

In summary:

  1.  Find sea or ocean-related murals that depict, for example, coastal landscapes or marine life, people interacting with the sea, or mythological figures!
  2. Share your photo of the mural with us, as well as the emotions, memories and thoughts you associate with it!
  3. Take the survey to see more street art and help us understand human-environment relationships!
  4. Become a part of our community, learn with us, and win ocean and art-related prizes!

Needed equipment

Mobile phone used to take photographs, document and submit ocean murals; mobile phone or PC to access and answer the survey.

Link to upload pictures of murals: 

Link to fill in the survey on street art and marine ecosystems:  

About funding

Funding bodies: European Union (Horizon Europe research and innovation program)

About branding

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Completed from 15/06/2023 until 14/12/2023
Ocean Literacy Emotions Murals
Science Topics
Animals Biodiversity Ecology & Environment Education Ocean, Water, Marine & Terrestrial Nature & outdoors Natural resource management Social sciences
Suitable for children Do-it-yourself
Difficulty Level
Participation tasks
Data Entry Finding entities Geolocation Learning Photography
Global Macro-regional

In towns and villages across Europe, near and far from the coast; Focus regions for the kick-starting phase of the project are Spain, Netherlands and Latvia.

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