Obstetric coevolution


from 15/06/2023 until 15/12/2023

Obstetric coevolution works on the research question of how obstetric practices affect women’s mental health, including postpartum depression. The research consists of organizing co-creation workshops with women and other stakeholders (partners, midwives, obstetricians, and perinatal psychologists, among others) and the use of other participatory tools, such as a co-created survey. We are looking to understand and imagine together new childbirth procedures and codesign new ways of building relationships with the medical community.


Obstetric coevolution (OBCOE) wants to characterize and reduce postpartum depression through coevolving obstetric practices, including women and medical experts.

The OBCOE project aims to bring about real changes for all women who want to become mothers. They could benefit from having a more respected and less medicalised childbirth and,  therefore, reducing the probability of suffering postpartum depression.

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