from 01/01/2021 until 30/12/2023

The reSEArch-EU Project (reinforcing SustainablE Actions, resilience, cooperation and harmonisation across and by the SEA-EU Alliance) is an initiative of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU), an alliance of six coastal European universities which share research interests and a commitment to integrate their infrastructures and harmonize their functioning to thrive and adapt to today’s changing world.

Interesting activities that have been performed regarding co-designing, co-creating and co-delivering knowledge with and for stakeholders and citizens:

  1. Mapping and analysis of approached and strategies within the SEA-EU Alliance
  2. Enhancing transdisciplinary cooperation by pilot projects

Several pilot projects will test different formats of stakeholder engagement. Each format was specifically adapted to local and regional settings (


With this project, funded under the Horizon 2020 call Support for the Research and Innovation Dimension of European Universities (SwafS), the SEA-EU partners joint efforts to develop successful practices and cooperation models in research and innovation by:

  • building an anti-fragile (beyond resilient and robust) and innovative pan-European Alliance;
  • aligning our expertise and resources with the needs of the production system;
  • co-designing, co-creating and co-delivering knowledge with and for stakeholders and citizens;
  • establishing a common Open Science and Open Research Data Policy;
  • crafting and developing a common multi/ inter/ and trans/disciplinary research agenda that contributes to sustainable development and growth;
  • sharing our critical analyses and best practices for the successful implementation of our research and innovation strategies with other ‘European University’ Alliances.

About funding

Funding bodies: European Commission

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