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Created Sept. 18, 2023, 11:13 a.m.
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The Slovene Fiction on Wikisource (Wikivir) project aims to put all Slovene fiction in the public domain online: books, manuscripts, and publications in newspapers and magazines. It takes texts from the Digital Library of Slovenia and other institutional and private collections.


The Slovene Fiction on Wikisource project has the ambitious goal of putting all Slovenian fiction in the public domain on the Wikivir online platform. As new works are released into the public domain every year, the project is of a permanent nature. The project is necessary because there are no similar alternative plans, and it is important because fiction is one of the fundamental identity activities of Slovene speaking population. Its maximum accessibility and usability can be achieved by placing it on a public website where anyone can access and contribute without hindrance. By existing online under default cc-licence, we ensure the continued life of literary classics, especially for schoolchildren and pupils, but also for students of Slovenen literature and other interested humanists and cultural audience.

How to participate

Anyone, registered or not, can participate by first reading the instructions on the talk page
and the linked pages, and then selecting one of the texts on the list waiting to be set up, proofread and metadata-edited. In one window, he opens the text in pdf, plain text or image format and copies it to Wikivir, where he has opened a blank page titled by the text. He only corrects typos, OCR errors and punctuation in the target text, leaving everything else intact. Following the example of other texts, he adds a header at the top with the subtitle, source, licence, level of treatment, and superordinate categories in the footer: works by the author, works of this year, works in this genre or type.

Needed equipment

It requires a computer with internet access and the ability to use wikis and other computer tools for searching and editing texts.

About funding

Funding bodies: Ministrstvo za kulturo R Slovenije (7000 eur/year)

voluntary work

Active from 01/01/2006
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Do-it-yourself Participate from home
Difficulty Level
Participation tasks
Data Entry Problem solving Sample analysis

Participants enter and edit texts on Wikivir, mainly at home or wherever they are during their study abroad or holiday.

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