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from 01/01/2007

The Report a Species portal is designed for anyone eager to take an active part in exploring and preserving nature. We encourage you to document your observations of certain selected Natura 2000 species and provide precious insights into the state of nature. Presently, the database encompasses details on select plant species (including beautiful slipperwort, small bellflower, peat moss, healing scarecrow) and a variety of animal species (encompassing mollusks, beetles, and selected mammals). Please note that data on widespread species is not collected.


The aim of the application is to collect data on the presence of species of particular conservation concern. For the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, information on rare or threatened Natura 2000 species is very valuable. We use such information, gathered from various sources, in our daily work, in the evaluation of sites of nature conservation importance, in the management and adaptation of land use, and in the preparation of the report on the status of rare and endangered European species, which our country, like other EU member states, is obliged to prepare every six years. The web portal also aims to raise public awareness. We want to make people aware that every organism is an important part of nature.

Needed equipment

Citizen scientist require access to either a computer, smart phone or tablet with an internet connection. They also need to create an account on the Sporocivrsto in order to enter their sightings.

About funding

Funding bodies: National budget of Slovenia

European commission

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