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The “Jardin botanique Jean Massart” is a 5 ha botanical garden located in the site “Rouge Cloître”, on the border of the Sonian Forest in Auderghem, Brussels-Capital Region. Created by Jean Massart in 1922, the botanical garden was conceived to represent a number of biotopes in Belgium and it globally remains as such since its creation. It currently includes about 1.000 kinds of plants distributed in several areas and thematic collections such as medicinal and aromatic plants, a collection of cultivated plants, an orchard, an arboretum, an evolutionary garden, a wetland and experimental parcels.

The “Objective 1000” network project inventory used various insect trappings and most of the specimens collected are mounted. Later, the exemplars are identified by a college of 57 citizen scientists and researchers that belongs to 10 european countries. Their accurate determinations provide a list of more than 3.000 arthropods species for this unique small site of 4.5 hectares, and also constitute a remarkable reference collection for Belgium that will be housed in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. This result is unexpectly higher than the initial projet Objective 1000 which has the goal to collect 1.000 species of insects and spiders in this botanical garden.

Learn more about the outcome of the project through this presentation Objective 1000.


The “Objective 1000” network project is aiming to inventory the insect fauna of the botanical garden Jardin Jean Massart in Auderghem (Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium). The initial goal was to record at least 1000 insect and spider species on the site. The list with observations can be accessed through https://observations.be/locations/72818/. The specimens are collected using various collecting techniques: beating shrubs and low tree branches, sweeping the plant and herbaceous layer, debarking in winter time, malaise traps, yellow pans, UV-light trap and hanged pheromone interception traps.

Needed equipment

malaise traps, yellow pans, UV-light trap, bottle traps on trees, pitfall traps and interception traps with various attractants (hanged pheromones, wine, turpentine or red, white meat, fish or eggs)

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