Da Museo a Museo


from 25/05/2013

Hikers and users in general, are invited to collect data on the presence of spontaneous fauna and flora species along the route and to report their observations to the Maremma Natural History Museum, through the Naturæ Social Mapping project. Data, collected in a Citizen Science perspective, will be useful to increase the biodiversity knowledge of the area.

The project is divided into six different areas, for each one relative paths were selected and tested. More information and .gpx file for each path are available on the Museum site. The project leaflets are available at all the museums that take part in the project and they show the list of museums in each area, their contacts and a description of each path as well. A QR code allows downloading the relative * .gpx file to use in the field.


The Da Museo a Museo project aims to connect the Grosseto Province museums (South Tuscany, Italy) through a selection of hiking trails, accessible by sustainable mobility (public transport, bicycle, etc.).

Needed equipment

Smartphone, iNaturalist app

Created July 1, 2021, 6:39 a.m.

Updated July 1, 2021, 6:39 a.m.

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