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In the quest to better understand local climate change impacts on physical, biological, and socioeconomic systems and how such impacts are locally perceived, scientists are challenged by the scarcity of grounded data, which has resulted in a call for exploring new data sources.

Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts (LICCI). The Contribution of Local Knowledge to Climate Change Research – is a project that aims to bring insights from Indigenous and local knowledge to climate research. To do that, LICCI has created the OpenTEK citizen science platform.



OpenTEK wants to document climate change impacts reported by communities and researchers and bring these different data sources together to understand better how people and ecosystems are being impacted by climate change.

How to participate

The OpenTEK platform can be used as a visitor to read about other people’s entires, which just takes one click here: Visitors who want to become users can register and create a personal profile.

Both visitors and registered users can add an unlimited amount of entries. The entries will be checked after they have been added by the user. Later, if the entry has been approved, it will appear on the global map.

For any doubt about how to use OpenTEK, please check our user guide.

Needed equipment

Smartphone, tablet or computer. The platform is designed as a progressive web-app (PWA) allowing users with IOS or Android both to visualize existing geolocalized data and to collect new data from any device and while in the field.

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