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The first platform to create a unique solar energy community and promote data exchange between photovoltaic installation owners and scientists.

Sign up or log in to share as many photovoltaic installations as you can and...

• Take part in an environmentally committed international community

• Provide valuable open data for research and management

• Face new individual and community challenges

• Chat with other European citizens to share interests

• Invite friends to join the network

• Help put the community squarely on the map

• Get public data to analyse the behaviour of decentralized energy system


Generation Solar acts as a database of photovoltaic installations. It has various purposes including data exchange between PV installation owners. Generation Solar is a multi-faceted app: It boosts the acceptance of solar energy among the users and their community. And it helps researchers increase their knowledge in photovoltaic research. Generation Solar is also fun: It includes a gaming section where you can be a solar energy detective: For instance, you report as many photovoltaic installations as you can.

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Updated June 22, 2021, 3:28 p.m.

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