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The class is immersed in a detective fiction to apply a scientific protocol of trash quantification. The data collected will be used in large European scientific programs. Thus, the children are involved in a global environmental movement. A moment of interaction and sensibilization at the end of the quantification allows the pupils to express themselves about the causes of the plastic pollution and the solutions to fight it.
link : https://osparito.surfrider.eu/


Who said you had to be an adult to act and protect the Ocean? In the framework of the Educational Managed Marine Areas coordinated by the French Office for Biodiversity (FOB), Surfrider Europe has imagined a new method allowing participation of the youngest in the fight against marine litter. Today, several primary schools’ classes have already taken part in this scientific approach and improved their knowledge in this massive participative scientific process.  

Needed equipment

You don't need much equipment but some trash bags and gloves so pupils don't get hurt. 

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