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Created Feb. 1, 2021, 3:53 p.m.
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ALPTREES uses iNaturalist platform to collect non-native trees abundance in the Alpine space both forest and urban environment


Climate change represent a major threat to forests and urban environment. Non-native tree species can support adaption of forests and urban areas, but also can cause problems in case of invasive species.

ALPTREES objective is to develop a comprehensive database on non-native tree species, predicting the current and potential distribution of non-native trees in the Alpine space under climate change scenarios.

To provide a transnational strategy for a Decision Support System on responsible use and management of non-native tree species.

To improve knowledge-based decision-making tools that allow stakeholders in the sectors forestry, nature conservation, timber industry and rural & urban planning to distinguish between the negative and positive impacts of non-native tree species on ecosystem services and functional needs in urban, peri-urban and rural areas.

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How to participate

1) Install iNaturalist Android app on Google Play or iPhone app in the Apple App Store

2) Make a photo of a tree you suspect to be non-native and upload to iNaturalist.

  • You can take a photo within iNaturalist app or select one from your photo gallery
  • You can have several pictures of the same tree, focusing on the most recognizable parts: flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, crown shape. Please read ALPTREES handbook on non-native tree species for more information.
  • No problem if the tree you captured is native. It will be sorted out later.
  • The application will suggest you several names based on image recognition algorithm. You can select one from the list or suggest a name based on your experience. As only the photo uploaded, community will help to give a consistent opinion on the tree species name.
  • uploading can be delayed until you are in a WiFi zone.

3) enjoy common efforts to collect information on tree species diversity in the mobile and web platform

  • Leader board
  • maps
  • Tree species information
  • discussions

Mobile application is available in multiple languages, incl. English, French, Italian, German, Slovene.

Needed equipment

Photo camera with GPS location recording, e.g. cellphone

Completed until 30/09/2021
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