Car-based Bat Monitoring


from 01/05/2003

28 x 30km squares are surveyed using this survey method in July and August every year. A dedicated network of 70 volunteers carries out the survey work, contributing about 300 hrs of volunteer time per annum. Surveyors are provided with all the survey equipment and given training on how to use it . Routes for the car surveys were first mapped in 2003-2006 and each year survey teams drive the same route using the same method. The surveyors currently use time expansion detectors that record a broad spectrum of ultrasound and record the sounds onto smart phone memory cards. The smart phones also record GPS co-ordinates. The volunteers then send the data to us and during the winter months we identify and count the number of bats recorded on each survey route. The scheme provides us with trends in three Irish bat species: common pipistrelle soprano pipistrelle and Leisler’s bat.


Citizen scientists participating in the car-based bat monitoring project drive known routes in 28 locations across Ireland and record all bat sounds along the roadside.

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