from 01/01/2016 until 31/12/2019

FLAMENCO’s valorisation strategy includes six valorisation trajectories:

  1. Establishing the reconfigurable citizen observatory platform itself;
  2. Engaging citizens and creating improved awareness w.r.t. the data gathered;
  3. Designing successful participatory campaigns;
  4. Translating data into knowledge useable for policy support;
  5. Real-world campaigning, including campaign outcomes and;
  6. Paving the way for post-project.


The goal of FLAMENCO is to build and valorise an open reusable and reconfigurable citizen observatory platform for Flanders. Through this platform, (ICT-agnostic) stakeholders themselves can instantiate new citizen observatories for the particular application area they have in mind. Web services and mobile apps are generated accordingly. Data gathered involves sensorial data (e.g., noise levels, physical activity) as well as behavioural data (e.g., tolerance for delays in public transportation or sensitivity to public safety). In this scalable approach stakeholders see their concerns translated into procedures for successful participatory campaigning without having to rely on platform engineers. Only in this way can we move away from research-oriented deployments to the full-fledged adoption of citizen observatories as a societally and scientifically relevant method.

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