Naturehood is a community wildlife project that will connect you, your school and your neighbours with nature on your doorstep. Naturehood aims to enhance awareness and understanding of local wildlife and its needs by conducting research about the effectiveness of actions in helping wildlife to thrive. The project aims to build communities that value nature, and empower individuals to monitor and act for local wildlife in gardens, school grounds and community spaces, providing a thriving network of wildlife-rich green spaces that benefit people and nature. While it’s accepted that certain actions encourage wildlife to visit gardens and parks, there’s surprisingly little evidence considering how effective these actions are. There is even less evidence on the impact that taking these actions at scale have on wildlife numbers. For example, we know that installing a bird box could increase the chances of birds nesting in a garden, but how many bird boxes are needed within a neighbourhood for the local bird population to increase? By studying common garden species and monitoring the effects of actions for wildlife, Naturehood looks to fill this knowledge gap and encourage environmentally aware communities. Information gathered through surveys will help us track changes in species populations, and allow us to understand how to make gardens and other green spaces the best places they can be for wildlife.


The project aims to bring communities together to act positively for wildlife. 

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