Butterfly-net (Lepke-háló)

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Long term monitoring of butterfly populations, involving young people in nature conservation

Butterfly-net is a project initiated by Őrség National Park Directorate in Vas county, Hungary with the financial aid of Deutsche Bundesstiftung für Umwelt. We engaged secondary school students and involved them in data collection on butterflies. Over the two years of the project, we recruited 24 volunteers, trained them in butterfly biology, identification and conservation. Equipped them with a butterfly net, identification guide and a mobile application developed specifically for collecting monitoring data. Each volunteer counts butterflies in an area nearby his/her home of school using the methodology of the European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme. Although the project ended at the end of 2019, the Butterfly-net programme is going on.

Main info

Host: Őrség National Park Directorate
Start date: 13/10/2017
End date: 31/12/2019
Status: Completed
Date created: 13/05/2020
Date updated:13/05/2020
Website: https://orseginemzetipark.hu/hu/info/fejleszteseink/folyamatban-levo-projektek/nappali-lepke-felmeres-civil-kozremukodessel.html


Latitude: 46.841566

Longitude: 16.418224


How to participate: Anyone can participate, but data collection is currently restricted to Vas county, Hungary. To join the programme send an email to the contact person of the project.

Needed equipment:Butterfly net, identification guide (both provided by programme host), smartphone


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