Vadonleső (The WildWatcher)


from 01/09/2009

The observation of the widespread and relatively frequent species often means a non-executable task for the experts. The WildWatcher ('Vadonleső' in Hungarian) programme as one of the most efficiently operating wildlife monitoring citizen science programs in Hungary, started in September 2009 aims to involve the public in this activity provides a huge amount of valuable data and plays a significant educational role. At the beginning of the programme the data of 9, at present, the data of 18 easily recognizable, widespread, protected animal and plant species can be recorded with the help of a GoogleMap based website. The data are validated by specialists before adding them to the Hungarian Nature Conservation Information System (TIR). The data recorded show that a large number of volunteers join with pleasure the survey of the easily recognizable species and the data provided by them contribute to the nature conservation work as valuable input.


The objective of the project is to encourage nature-lovers to contribute to the identification of endangered species, to facilitate stock surveys and detection of threats in Hungary.

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