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A superior data collection experience that empowers and incentivises society to democratize access to data on high-quality open data on litter, brands, & plastic pollution.

Due to the urgency of plastic pollution, including an estimated average of about 900 tonnes of plastic entering the oceans every hour, new and improved forms of open data are essential to invoke and evaluate response. Traditionally, many citizen science projects collecting data on plastic pollution focused almost exclusively on marine litter. Very little has been done or is known about the pre-marine terrestrial origins of marine litter due largely due to to its relationship with economic activity. For too long, the production of knowledge about the pre-marine terrestrial characteristics of plastica pollutia was held almost exclusively by the custodians of pollution. We are changing our understanding of how to characterize and mitigate pollution by making it fun, easy and rewarding for anyone to collect and share data on packaging pollution.

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Host: GeoTech Innovations Ltd
Start date: 15/04/2017
End date:
Status: Active
Date created: 18/04/2020
Date updated:18/04/2020


Latitude: 32.231390

Longitude: -35.859375


How to participate: Download "OpenLitterMap" Take Photos Tag Litter Upload them

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