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Muzeu i Shkencave të Natyrës "Sabiha Kasimati"

The Museum of Natural Sciences (MNS) was established in 1948 in Tirana as part of the National Institute of Sciences and exhibits over 3000 native and non-native specimens and has a collection of 100,000 in storage. In 2010, the Museum of Natural Sciences along with the National Herbarium and Botanical Garden were incorporated in the Research Center of Flora and Fauna (RCFF).The MNS, recently named “Sabiha Kasimati” is an important and unique research center specialized in collecting, evaluating and monitoring the diversity of Albanian fauna, specifically: Entomofauna (Insects), Herpetofauna (Reptiles and Amphibians),Ornithofauna (Birds), Mammalofauna (terrestrial and marine mammals), Macrobenthos (sponges,crustaceans, molluscs), etc.In addition, the museum hosts various animal collections from Africa, Asia, South America, Indian Ocean and Pacifc Ocean.
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