"Save Your Globe" is a non-profit organization that has among its purposes the protection of the environment and the fight against "climate change", the promotion of eco-sustainability and renewable energies, the enhancement of the territory and the circular economy, the protection of health and quality of life, fully inspired by the objectives and targets of "AGENDA 2030". Objectives which it makes its own and which it intends to disseminate and promote in an integrated manner in Italy and in Europe. "Save Your Globe" operates both nationally and internationally and adheres to other organizations and foundations that work in favor of the environment, the right to health, social equity. "Save Your Globe" works with schools, universities, research bodies, municipalities, provinces and regions, public bodies and institutions, companies, consortia and other associations, through direct actions and awareness campaigns, with the aim of spreading culture "green " and the awareness necessary for an environmental revolution that invests all sectors and the daily life of the inhabitants of the Globe.

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