La Ciència al Teu Món (Science in Your World)

La Ciència Al Teu Món (LCATM, meaning ‘Science in Your World’) is a multidisciplinary non-profit collective of science, technology, arts, didactics, and culture professionals, specialized in innovative science communication, science outreach, and citizen science. LCATM is committed to building a fair society through collaboration to overcome societal challenges by promoting scientific culture and the shared values of scientific practice and a better society. Active since 2011, LCATM has increased our partners’ value proposition, impact and success through the design, development, fundraising, implementation, and management of a wide portfolio of scientific projects and activities, including whole international projects and networks, as well as top-quality multimedia and audio-visual materials (apps, video games, webs…), project work packages, workshops, talks, conferences, science communication activities (e.g. media and social media), and others. LCATM collaborates tightly with top research institutions and international research networks, getting involved as a tight partner and working hand-in-hand with researchers in a project-tailored way to foster their current projects and research lines, committing to project success beyond service providers, delivering a highly experienced accompaniment and a high success rate when applying for competitive funding. LCATM is your perfect partner for success in science communication, science outreach, and citizen science.


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