Consupedia is a result of several research projects in Sweden that began in 2015 and today provides innovative decision-making support that helps consumers and buyers to make sustainable food choices. The website, or the web app, are used via computers from offices or homes, and the Consupedia mobile phone app means consumers are able to use their phones to scan product barcodes while in the shop and immediately obtain relevant information. Examples of information that Consupedia provides are: * impact on the climate and the environment * impact on people’s health * production conditions from a Fair Trade aspect * material and weight of the packaging and recycling tips * transport distance * animal welfare and antibiotic use The app fetches the information from the world’s biggest database of environmental impact, health and justice related to food. The database has been built by KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, Dalarna University and Consupedia with the help of data from a wealth of different organisations. The information is complex but is presented in the app in a way that is user-friendly and easy to understand. Consupedia helps consumers and other decision-makers to compare and take informed decisions on different purchasing alternatives. Better knowledge of the origin and the impact of products gives consumers and organisations an opportunity to choose food that corresponds with their values and, by making active choices, to contribute to the transition towards a world that is fairer and more sustainable in the long term. So far, this decision-making support tool has been launched in Sweden and there are plans to see it launched internationally. Consupedia is the result of many years of collaboration between leading researchers from different scientific disciplines and universities and entrepreneurs with a burning passion for sustainability.


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