Creative Spark Enterprise FabLab

Creative Spark Enterprise FabLab: Your hub for design and fabrication.

Enterprise FabLab @ Creative Spark is a fabrication laboratory in Dundalk Co. Louth with the aim of providing access, support and training to professionals, SMEs and makers in the North East region.

  • Accessible, state-of-the-art workspace for professionals, SMEs and makers.
  • Variety of digital fabrication technologies available for rapid prototyping and fabrication.
  • Upskilling and training and support for digital design, manufacturing, machinery, product development and more.
  • Membership plans available for access to equipment for professionals and teams.
  • Mobile FabLab available for on-site prototyping and manufacturing to offices, studios and parks.

We provide space, we deliver supports and we connect clusters.

Training and upskilling 

  • Introduction to Digital Fabrication: Explore digital manufacturing at Enterprise FabLab. Learn 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, CAD basics. Create with expert guidance.
  • Professional Training Courses: Master digital fabrication. Learn software tools, design techniques, practical skills. All skill levels welcome. Excel in your field.
  • Enterprise Bespoke Training: Tailored for your team's needs. Assess skills, customize curriculum, empower your enterprise. Stay ahead with cutting-edge tech.


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