i2cat Foundation

The i2CAT Foundation is a CERCA research and innovation centre based in Barcelona.

Since 2003, it is committed to designing and building the future digital society by leveraging the knowledge gained from cutting-edge European and local R&D projects in the fields of advanced Internet technologies:  5G/6G, IoT, immersive and interactive technologies, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, space communications and digital society technologies. 

i2CAT wants to lead the challenge of designing the digital society of the future based on research and innovation in advanced digital technologies, following the collaboratorive approach between universities, public administrations, private companies and citizens. We are funding members of the Catalan Chapter of Internet Society,  European Network of Living labs and also members of the European School of Social Innovation.

The center promotes mission-driven research and innovation to solve global challenges, co-create solutions with a transformative impact, empower citizens through open and participative digital social innovation with territorial capillarity, and promote pioneering and strategic initiatives.

Through talent generation, cooperation, and the commitment of its members, i2CAT envisions Catalonia as a creative, empowered, and innovative society, where knowledge and digital technology are at the service of people. We manage the program Collaboratori Catalunya, that has  the goal of developing a first universal innovation ecosystem open to every citizen. https://colabscatalunya.cat/

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