Dimos Athinaion Epicheirisi Michanografisis (DAEM)

DAEM (City of Athens IT Company) is the oldest and most significant Local Government IT Company, as it has been operating since 1983, aimed at providing Cloud based multiplatform e-Governance to local government organizations – especially the Municipality of Athens public administration and other authorities and organizations. The development and promotion of new innovative services which are fundamental to the smart and sustainable city idea, lies at the heart of DAEM’s interest and is a strategic objective at the city level.

The specialized Co-funded and EU projects Sector is fully qualified for the design, development and implementation of integrated information systems and committed to the success of any scale and scope ICT research projects by contributing to the requirements, development and implementation of IT use cases for the City of Athens, by building on its expertise in key city-related areas and by exploiting communication channels to further promote projects’ developments.

DAEM partners with leading IT companies, research institutions, SMEs and other local authorities providers within Greece and Europe when implementing co-funded EU projects, national projects, NSRF projects, with the commitment of quality services provision.

DAEM contributes to EU research funded projects mainly as end-users’ partner supporting the following expertise:

  • Excellent experience in participating and managing Co-funded and EU projects.  
  • Strong experience in supporting public administration and in designing of relevant software and applications.
  • Technical expertise in software development & engineering, IT infrastructure development and maintenance, namely in the development of open source IT products, solutions and applications to support the Municipality of Athens, citizens and other clients.
  • Strong network of decision-makers, local government organizations, governmental organizations, and businesses among others for dissemination purposes. 
  • Large community of citizens, NGOs, academics, researchers and end-users for the pilot implementation.
  • Access to extensive sources of data due to public administration support and networking with other organizations and authorities.
  • Research work in eGovernance, eParticipation, data protection, energy efficiency, cyber-security, mobility and urban transport, climate actions, cultural heritage etc. due to participation in EU projects.


Dec. 20, 2022, 12:45 p.m.
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