Congestion, air pollution and traffic safety are all on the agenda when it comes to mobility issues. Measurements that register cars, trucks, buses, cyclists and pedestrians are necessary to come to qualitative and supported mobility and traffic measures. Traditional traffic counts are usually expensive, limited in time and rarely register all modes of transport.

New open data technology therefore offers many opportunities. Telraam (Rear Window BV) is firmly committed to this by actively working with citizens to provide qualitative traffic counts. In each case, Telraam provides the research question and the technology, while citizens supply the data. In this way, the participants learn about traffic on their own street, while at the same time helping local and regional policymakers with qualitative traffic counts. With this data, infrastructure, traffic lights, parking policies and circulation plans can be made more efficient, smoother, safer and more sustainable. The Telraam S2 device counts, categorises, and reports all activity on the street: cars, bikes, pedestrians, buses, trucks, and more. The device is attached to the inside of a window on one of the floors of a home or commercial building facing the street. This smart traffic sensor not only measures numbers, but also knows the direction of travel and the average speed of cars. In this way Telraam provides reliable measurement data. All the data collected will be made available in an open and accessible format via www.telraam.net to policymakers, businesses, researchers, but also to all residents and interested parties.


Dec. 20, 2022, 12:45 p.m.
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