Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes

cE3c is committed to a sustainable future. Our mission is to produce fundamental and applied research in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes that integrates life and climate sciences. Our research examines and integrates all levels of biological organization, from organisms up to ecosystems, both natural and anthropogenic. We will carry on our pursuit of tools to assess and monitor impacts of global change on biodiversity, health and well-being. Our combined expertise and unique databases constitute fundamental repositories of knowledge for Portugal, the Macaronesian Islands, other Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa and South America, and the European Union. cE3c's mission recognizes that while producing knowledge is a crucial step to sustainable development, using this knowledge to effectively promote change is just as important. Our R&D will contribute to UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, we will endure our praxis to combine research with education, outreach and knowledge co-production, translation and transfer to public and private stakeholders.

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