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ECSA2024 conference in Vienna: a memorable event

April 24, 2024, 12:40 p.m.

ECSA2024 in Vienna was an inspiring reminder of the vibrant energy that drives our community. The conference was a dynamic space for networking, learning, and collaborative thinking. Informal discussions and spontaneous meetings among attendees sparked creative ideas and new collaborations, emphasising the value of face-to-face interactions.

Looking towards the future, the conference opened up new avenues for integrating citizen science into mainstream research agendas and policy frameworks. However, sustaining the momentum requires continuous effort and engagement. As our field grows, it is crucial to foster a supportive environment that nurtures emerging projects and infrastructures.

This call to action goes out to our entire community: now is the time to advocate for the importance of citizen science. Engage with your national ministries, participate in public consultations, and ensure that our voices are heard at every level of decision-making. We have the power to influence policies that affect not only the scientific community but society at large.

As we reflect on the conference’s successes, let’s carry forward the spirit of collaboration and dedication that was so palpable in Vienna. Let’s continue to push for our place at the table in discussions about science, society and policy. Citizen science has shown its value time and again; now, let's ensure it continues to thrive and expand, influencing more than just our projects, but shaping the future of how science is conducted and applied.

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