Penguin Watch


Automated time-lapse cameras can facilitate reliable and consistent monitoring of wild populations. Penguin Watch cameras (and those of collaborators) monitor penguin colonies all around the Southern Ocean, where they record the daily lives of penguins throughout the year. Penguin Watch volunteers then click on penguins, eggs and chicks, to extract the timing of breeding and nest survival that we need to understand the fundamental biology of penguins and how they change in response to human impacts on Antarctica.

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To infer phenology and nest survival around Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, aiming to increase our understanding of penguins and their response to changes in the Southern Ocean.

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How to participate

Count penguins, chicks and eggs in far away lands to help us understand their lives and environment. You can select a workflow button to help count penguins, chicks and eggs or penguin eggs only. This will help understand penguin population changes, and changes in their survival rates and timing of breeding.

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A computer

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