In this citizen science project, citizens are invited to contribute to biodiversity knowledge increasing. To achieve this, users register species observations on BioRegisto platform, introducing, at least, one photo of the specimen, location, date and time of observation. Whenever possible, users also enter the name of the specie, quantity, habitat, stage of development, sex of the individual and activity. After the introduction of the observation, it is inserted in internal database of the platform for species validation (if it is not possible to validate at the species level, validation is carried out to the lowest possible taxonomic level). All observations, and respective observers, are available for consultation on the project's website ( or BioRegisto App. All other data, including the most sensitive, such as the exact location of the specimen, are available in the internal database for scientific consultation and treatment, and are available to academic research groups. This set of metadata can provide important information about distribution and abundance of species using all the benefits that citizen science is capable of providing, contributing to scientific knowledge advancement. It should also be noted that many of species images already validated on the platform are, with due authorization of the author, used in actions of environmental education and dissemination of biological heritage. So far, BioRegisto platform has a total of 792 registered species, 3195 validated observations and 220 registered users.

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The main goal of BioRegisto is the dissemination of biological heritage, contributing to its conservation through knowledge. Aimed at all audiences, participation in this citizen science platform must be done considering the principles of conservation in Nature. This citizen science project allows any citizen to insert photographic records of species, including tracks and traces, from any location, as well as the visualization of all records of biodiversity observations made by other users. Complying with the principles of citizen science, it is intended to clearly and objectively expose the results on biological diversity to everyone who is interested.

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