The OSDG Community Dataset (OSDG-CD)
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The OSDG Community Dataset (OSDG-CD) is the direct result of the work of hundreds of volunteers who have contributed to our understanding of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via the OSDG Community Platform (OSDG-CP). It contains thousands of text excerpts which were labelled by the community volunteers with respect to SDGs. For each piece of text, the suggested label was also validated by the OSDG Labelling Tool (OSDG-LT). The data can be used to derive insights into the nature of SDGs using either ontology-based or machine learning approaches. The OSDG-CP dataset will be updated on a quarterly basis.

License: GPL-3.0 License
Audience: Researchers & Academics Educators Community Members & Citizens CS Project Leaders & Initiators CSOs & NGOs Policy & Decision Makers ALL Audiences
Organisation(s): OSDG
Year of publication: 2021
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