Invasoras - Invasive Plants in Portugal

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Many ecosystems in Portugal are deeply affected by invasive species, either animal or plants. This means considerable economical losses, huge impacts on biodiversity, changes in the ecosystems services and even public health issues. Our goal is to explain this problem, educating not only the common citizen but also specialized technicians to recognize and control invasive species.

Education, detection and action Our goal is to raise awareness about biological invasions, make known the different invasive plants in Portugal and stimulate public participation in mapping of species, the control of plant populations and education. We have created comprehensive profiles of the species considered invasive in Portugal, and we provide useful tools and information for managers, scientific community members and anyone interested in the topic. In addition, we offer support material for environmental education, for teachers and informal action groups.


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Host: Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra and Centre for Functional Ecology, University of Coimbra
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Status: Active
Date created: 06/04/2020
Date updated:06/04/2020


Latitude: 40.206050

Longitude: -8.424561


This project can be done at home

How to participate: Do you know ""Invasoras à Janela""? At a time when we are being asked to stay at home, the Invasive Species project in Portugal proposes a challenge to be done from the window / balcony / garden. Know everything at:

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Funding body: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
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